ἀναγινώσκω = anaginosko = to read; read aloud; to recognize.

ἀκούω = akouo = to hear; to pay attention; to understand.

γεγραμμένα = gegrammena = written down; messages.

Dear Serena Mia,

When you were born you loved listening to stories. I would read to you, and so would Grandpa Luigi and Grandma Judy. You loved the sound of our voices and would stay calm, and peaceful, listening to the stories we read. We would read books by Stephen Cosgrove, Robert Munsch, The Mr. Men Books, The Berenstain Bears, Hans Christian Andersen, and others.

You and I would go outside for walks; you all comfy cozy in the stroller, and I pushing you along. I would talk to you about my University studies, and share my thoughts about René Descartes and Immanuel Kant. You, always content and attentive to my words, and I, appreciative and happy to share my ideas with you. It was the best of times.

After you and I parted ways, I had a very difficult time adjusting. One thing that helped me work through the sadness was to write a children’s story for you, from me.

I never had the chance to read it to you, and I never knew if you received a copy of it, but I have recorded it here for you to listen. I hope you enjoy it. It has always brought me comfort over the years, to imagine what you’re up to and know our paths will meet again.

I love you, Serena!

Serena’s Extraordinary Day